New Blog…..  One Person. 

First blog of the year. 

Why have I decided to make this blog?

Growing up as a young girl I kept diaries. keeping dairies meant a lot to me, I loved writing and loved to tell stories, I did not want to share my stories as it was my little secret. 

I used to write about funny things that happen to me or pretended that I was a super hero girl who helped People in the world. As I got older my diary got a little more serious and my fun imaginative mind became more of real life events, expressing my emotions and feelings as a young woman. My diary told stories of my adventures, Visiting nice countries, sightseeing meeting different people from other cultures and taking in the beauty that surrounds us. 

So, what’s the reason for the blog? I like to talk, I like to express, I look at things with an idea of wanting to tell people there is a purpose in life for everything. I want to talk about new adventures, I want to share where I have travelled and tell you all about it and share new ideas, and what experiences I can share with you from visitor attractions and the nature and natural environment that I love to explore. New foods, recipes, family, friends, love, happiness, emotions basically life, that’s what we live for.   

Why do I believe my blog is something you would want to read?

My Story is different. 

I am a Northern Irish girl with a gift, a gift of love, passion, belief and I want to share my stories and I want to hear your views and feedback, we can all relate with each other, our stories will somewhere meet. Just remember to be kind, courteous and respectful, as I will be.






People tell me that I am an inspiration, I listen, I take onboard what people want to tell me, I try to help people where I can and hopefully give them some information that they need, ideas that may help them.  I always try to put other people before myself.

I am hopeful that my blog will help and inspire many people in many different ways, that is, if they choose to take the advice 🙂

I’m still that little super hero from my diary. 

Follow my blog as each week there’ll be an update, my next story, my next super hero adventure (maybe!)

This one was a little insight about me! 

“You are going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same” 

Clare Chapman 

 Believe in yourself

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